ROBYN MARINELLI for Sarasota School board, District 4

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About Robyn Marinelli

Candidate for Sarasota School Board District 4

Robyn Marinelli has been helping students succeed all of her adult life. Robyn grew up in Ohio and knew from an early age that she wanted to be a teacher. After completing her undergraduate and master’s degrees in education, Robyn traded college lecture halls for a classroom and began her teaching career.

Robyn has 5 years of classroom experience, she served as a school counselor for 20 years, and spent the last 15 years of her career as a district-level administrator, overseeing Student Services for the Sarasota County School District.

After retirement in 2015, Robyn was contracted as a school counselor at a local charter school.

Robyn is running for School Board to continue her life’s work of putting students first and helping them succeed. We can count on Robyn to bring accountability and transparency to the school board, support fiscally responsible budgets, attract world-class teachers and always put our students first.

Robyn and her husband Mark have resided in Sarasota for over 40 years.

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Robyn's Plan

The politicians on our School Board have lost their way. They prioritize politics over education, and Sarasota County students are falling behind. I’m a teacher, not a politician, and I’ve got a plan to get our schools back on track.

Robyn's Plan

Put students first

The School Board exists to facilitate education. Students are at the center of our education system and the current Board isn’t meeting their needs. We should focus on student achievement, making sure that teachers have every tool in the toolbox to make Sarasota’s students the best and brightest in Florida.


Give parents a seat at the table.

Education requires a team effort. It takes parents, teachers and administrators working together in the best interest of the student. Parental input should be welcomed and play a role at the school level and at School Board meetings.


Bring transparency and accountability to the School District.

For years now, Sarasota Schools have been involved in one scandal or another. From lawsuits, to claims of sexual harassment, to accusations of backroom deals, Sarasota County Schools have lost the public’s trust. We’ll regain that trust by transparently investigating all instances of wrongdoing and holding bad actors accountable.

I want Sarasota County Schools to be in the best position to compete for the privilege of educating Sarasota’s children

A Vision for the Future

The reality of education in the 21st century is that parents have a number of choices regarding how to educate their children. Public school, private school, home school, virtual school, magnet schools, charter school – all are more attainable with programs like Hope Scholarships and Opportunity Scholarships.

I want Sarasota County Schools to be in the best position to compete for the privilege of educating Sarasota’s children and win. Public school won’t be the right fit for all students, and that’s ok.

But if a parent decides that their child’s educational needs are better served elsewhere, it won’t be because school principals are inaccessible or because teachers seem disengaged. It won’t be because of a culture of bullying at our schools or concern over the curriculum being taught in our classrooms. It won’t be for a lack of rigorous academic tracks for advanced students or a lack of options for students with learning impediments.

All of these factors are within the control of our School Board and all of them can be addressed if we put students first. This is my vision for the future of Sarasota County Schools and it’s a future we can build together starting August 23rd.

I’d be honored to have your support in the upcoming School Board Election for District 4.

Picture of Robyn with Mark

Robyn’s Resume

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Robyn's resume

Robyn Marinelli Helping Students Succeed

Robyn's Picture
Robyn's Picture
Robyn's Picture